The Seven Stages To Health And Transformation™ Digital Download

The Seven Stages to Health and Transformation ™

By Dr. Bruce Hoffman MSc, MBChB, FAARFM, IFMCP

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Product Description

This seven-hour lecture series show the integral possibilities, the current paradigm that is upon us, of a healing approach – not just for practitioners but also for health care consumers when faced with all these puzzling arrays of choices today. We are making a swing back to the Universalist approach to healthcare but this time we are coming armed with an extraordinary amount of data to support its use and assist in coming to an integral vision.

One of the major issue facing mechanistic medicine and you as health care recipients today is not that we know so much but that we know so much that isn’t so. A physician can harm a patient with what he knows, but even more so, by what he does not know. The aim of an integral seven stages of healing model is to lessen the harm done by both of those sins and hence set the stage for that greatest of miracle that we have yet to understand – Healing.