Healing Consciousness– From Illness to Illumination

From Illness to Illumination
Dr. Bruce Hoffman & Dr. John Demartini

Product Description

What does it mean to be a healthy and multidimensional human being? Is it appropriate to treat with Prozac when we have a disease of the soul? Can a person be healthy if they’re spiritually malnourished? As Ken Wilber, one of the great thinkers in this field, asked, “If a Nazi’s blood test comes back normal, is he truly healthy?”

Product Details

  • Format – 1 DVD (NTSC)
  • Run Time – 93 min
  • Publisher – The Hoffman Centre for Integrative Medicine
  • Release date – October 2006
  • Sold by – The Hoffman Centre for Integrative Medicine
  • Language – English
  • Region 1 (US and Canada ONLY)
  • Product dimensions – 5.5” x 7.5” x .5”