Our Process

At The Hoffman Centre for Integrative Medicine, we understand that you may be new to the concept of whole person wellness, integrative models of health care and private billing facilities. We also understand that there are many options currently available for complementary health services, and that making an educated choice about what is right for you can be difficult.

In order to help you become comfortable and knowledgeable with your investment in our process and philosophy, we would like to take some time orienting you to The Hoffman Centre program.

It is our experience that individuals who are actively involved in their healing process work toward their wellness goals with clarity and confidence. Consequently, we focus much of our initial attention on accumulating details of your health and lifestyle. This helps us to determine what your priority goals are and which therapies will help you to realize these goals.

What to Expect from the Hoffman Centre

As part of the qualitative intake process, we ask that you complete an extensive questionnaire. It is important that you take time with this questionnaire to reflect on current and past incidents or symptomatology. It is equally important that we obtain detailed quantitative measures of your health.

Data is collected through the completion of specified laboratory tests. Testing is done locally and “in-house” where possible. However, many of the labs that we use are based in the United States. These “outsourced tests” are available through our centre and are coordinated with our staff. If there are any services that you are interested in that we do not offer, we are happy to connect you to other trusted and reliable practitioners in our network.

Once your appointments and testing are completed, a comprehensive therapeutic program will be outlined. Please note that the intake portion of the program takes approximately 2-3 months to complete.

It is also important to understand that it takes time to heal and repair once you embark on your treatment program. There are very few “quick fixes” when it comes to rebuilding immunity, stabilizing hormones, or improving digestive strength.

We ask that you consider a year of treatment as a trial as it often takes 6 to 12 months to positively optimize overall biochemistry.

We also ask that, as the most active member of your wellness process, you keep open communication with our practitioners and staff. If you experience any uncomfortable symptoms during your program due to detoxification or supplementation, if you encounter concerns or doubts along the way, or if you simply need additional guidance, then you let us know! It is our mission to see you reach your health and wellness goals.

If you have decided that the philosophy and program offered by The Hoffman Centre is right for you, please read the following steps. These will guide you through the intake procedure and explain the required preparation.

Step One - New Client Appointment

This is your first opportunity to discuss the key issues that you want addressed. Your physician will have a preliminary review of your situation, ask a series of pertinent questions, and then comment on the level of assistance that can be provided to you. The questionnaires and forms sent to you prior to your appointment will be reviewed and discussed by your physician.

Your physician will lay out a diagnostic and therapeutic course of action and order a series of lab tests. Testing will be completed through local labs such as Calgary Lab Services as well as at the Centre.

After this appointment, you may spend up to an hour with one of our Patient Care Assistants. This time will be spent discussing the logistics of your program, time and financial requirements and options available to you for private coverage. If you are prepared to proceed, our staff member will assist you in scheduling and preparing for your tests. Please bring your day timer for this interview.

Step Two - Lab Work and Diagnostic Testing

At The Hoffman Centre for Integrative Medicine, there are three channels for gathering lab work:

1. Calgary Lab Service (CLS) – Speak with our staff about where to take your Calgary Lab Service or diagnostic requisitions.

2. In-House Testing – You will see our Lab Assistant who will perform a Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Bio Impedance (BIO), and 24 hour heart rate/valsalva.

3. Outsourced Lab Testing – These are tests that are sent across North America for analysis at specialized labs. Some of these panels involve blood and are drawn while the Lab Assistant sees you for your In-House testing. Any blood draws not completed during this initial lab visit, will require a separate appointment.

Some of the outsourced labs do not require blood but do require urine, stool or saliva. These panels will be sent home with you for completion and returned to our centre for shipment.

Many of the tests that we perform are detail intensive and require 4-8 weeks for analysis and reporting. Please refer to Step 5 for activity suggestions during this transition time.

Step Three - Physical Examination

Your physician will see you approximately 2 weeks after the completion of your Calgary Labs for a head to toe physical examination. If you do not have a general practitioner who sees you on a yearly basis for a Pap smear or prostate exam, it is important that you alert the Patient Care Assistant working with you.

At this visit, your physician will review any available lab results and suggest a preliminary supplement and/or intravenous (IV) program. If you have not completed the recommended tests at this appointment, you will be asked to hold off on starting any supplements or IV’s until they are finished.

Step Four - The Interim

In the 4-8 weeks prior to your Treatment Session, while we accumulate your test results, we suggest you take the time to:

1. Orient yourself to the philosophy of the centre by either watching your complimentary copy of the Healing Consciousness DVD, or listening to one of Dr. Hoffman’s CD’s or DVD’s; Healing and the Mind-Body Connection, Seven Stages to Health and Transformation™, Relationships – an Ayurvedic Perspective, or Tragedy – the Divine Order. If you wish to have an in-depth understanding of the Seven Stages model, please read and listen to the 7 hour lecture on DVD with workbook.

2. Read the books Perfect Health by Dr. Deepak Chopra, Detoxify or Die by Sherry Rogers, The Ultramind Solution by Mark Hyman and The Breakthrough Experience by Dr. John Demartini. These capture many of the principles that are discussed and taught by Dr. Hoffman and his team.

3. Collect and bring as many medical records that you may have in your possession. This includes any tests you may have had over the past 10 years that may be relevant to your condition. Common tests include Calgary Labs Services, ultrasounds, x-rays, CT scans or MRI’s, specialist letters or formal health summaries.

4. Make and bring a detailed list of any medications or supplements you are currently taking.

Step Five - Treatment Session & Report on Findings

Once all test results are back, your physician will discuss the details of your results and outline a comprehensive therapeutic program. This program will likely include a supplementation program, oral detoxification program, exercise routines, stress reduction strategies, and immune-enhancing methods.

Step Six - Follow Up

After your treatment session and throughout your program, you will discuss your progress with your physician. This happens approximately once a month in follow-up sessions. We closely monitor your health with regular in-house lab tests to ensure that we are treating the originating conditions effectively and to make necessary adjustments to update or modify your programs.

Qualities of a Successful Patient

Insight One

Insight One:

A thorough assessment is at the heart of exceptional patient care. We dedicate time and energy to the development of your individualized protocol, and we feel your success is equally dependent on your commitment to follow the scheduled recommendations of your health care professionals based on what will clinically benefit you most.

Suggested Strategy:

Make pre-scheduled appointments based on the recommendations of care given by your health care professionals. Make up missed appointments so that your treatment is not interrupted.

Insight Three

Insight Three:

As you will learn, your body, mind, and soul, are inextricably linked. We hope to foster in you a deep understanding of the significant health benefits of defining your life purpose and linking it to your healing.

Suggested Strategy:

Clearly define your life mission statement and expected health goal outcomes, as outlined in your workbook.

Insight Five

Insight Five:

In our years of research and practice, we have realized that all models of medicine, health, and healing are limited.

Suggested Strategy:

Explore and engage in a wide spectrum of health paradigms, including ancient, modern, Eastern, Western, traditional, and alternative. Discuss your findings with your health care providers.

Insight Two

Insight Two:

We know that less than optimum health can often be frustrating, but we are here to keep you focused on solutions, rather than problems.

Suggested Strategy:

Educate yourself about solutions and treatments for your diagnosis and discuss your findings with your health care providers.

Insight Four

Insight Four:

We will show you how the choices you have made over a lifetime (physical, mental, nutritional, emotional, and spiritual) play a definitive role in your current state of health. We strive to help you make balanced choices that will take you one-step closer to optimum wellness.

Suggested Strategy:

Review how your past choices have influenced your present state of health and outline specific changes in lifestyle strategies.

Insight Six

Insight Six:

We bring you a team of dynamic, well-rounded, inspired health care professionals, because we have learned that no one single health care professional has all of the answers.

Suggested Strategy:

Form constructive partnerships with a variety of health care providers to keep you abreast of therapies that you feel might be of benefit to you. Share them with your support network and your health care professionals.

7 Stages to Health and Transformation™

This unique and insightful program offers patients an insider’s view of what may be making you sick, what can be done to heal the body, and how our environment, as well as our mind and spirit can actually affect levels of health and illness.