Welcome to the Hoffman Centre for Integrative and Functional Medicine

We aspire to empower you to become an active member of your healthcare team!

Your involvement in the process of your health restoration is crucial to the success and the outcome you envision, and we are excited to include you as the newest member of your healthcare team.

During your time with us, Dr. Hoffman will provide you with background reading information, current research articles, and articles he has written on various aspects of healthcare pertinent to your case. To assist you in becoming adept at the medical aspects of your treatment, Dr. Hoffman has condensed his diagnostic and treatment approach into a lecture series for your convenience. This lecture series will allow you a deeper understanding of how you can maximize your health potential.

We cater to patients who desire to self-master their health issues and to make health their primary and highest value. We will not only address your immediate health concerns but also create your personalized long-term health care plan.

By the end of our collaboration, most of our patients are not only capable of navigating their own healthcare needs but become self-sufficient, educated advocates and active participants in their own wellness and life goals.

Welcome on board!


After thirty years of medical practice and industrious study, Dr. Bruce Hoffman created a new definition of Integrative and Functional Medicine. He developed a science-based system that combines the best of traditional medicine with proven and effective complementary/alternative therapies while addressing each level of the person’s experience. This model, concisely termed Whole Person Healing, is the masterpiece of Dr. Bruce Hoffman’s humanitarian work and lifelong contribution to the healing arts as an individual and as an impassionate physician. “The 7 Stages to Health and Transformation™” model is considered by many patients and medical peers as one of the best diagnostic and therapeutic methods, especially in chronic, complex, multisystem and multisymptom cases.

After decades of research and development “The Seven Stages to Health and Transformation™” has emerged as the diagnostic model of choice. It provides a robust framework for various medical systems that Dr. Hoffman has found to be safe and effective. It offers both structure and flexibility, and most importantly, it invites patients to get involved in their healing process.

It is one of the first working models in Integrative and Functional Medicine to masterfully incorporate the environment, body, energy/brain, mind/psychology and spirit into a single system of healing, and to systematically organize many of the diagnostic and therapeutic options accordingly.

In this field of medicine, one must draw on various teachers and mentors. Dr. Hoffman has completed clinical training with some of the most renowned clinicians and doctors in Integrative and Functional Medicine and studied with many of the leading mind–body and spiritual healers of our times. New teachers and experts continue to inspire him. He frequently attends medical conferences, lectures and workshops to study firsthand the latest discoveries in medicine, which if found to be valid, are further incorporated into our practice.

In the recent past, Dr. Hoffman has founded two wellness centres located in Calgary. In 1993, he founded the Centre for Preventive Medicine in the Bow Valley Medical Centre. Then, in 2000, he founded and opened The Hoffman Centre for Integrative Medicine, where he is currently the Medical Director.

From its humble beginnings with one receptionist in a small room at the Eau Claire Market, our clinic now employs 12 medical staff members, offering a vast array of clinical services, including IV Therapy, Functional Medicine, Anti-Aging Therapies, Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Neural and Prolotherapy, Family Constellation and Nutrition.

Dr. Hoffman continues to be inspired by emerging therapies and strives to remain on the front line of Integrative Medicine by offering clients access to a wide range of products and services, thus increasing both the patient’s choice of treatment and chance of recovery.

If you have decided that the philosophy and program offered by The Hoffman Centre are right for you, please read the following steps. These will guide you through the intake procedure and explain the required preparation.


1. Make an Appointment

To book an appointment or a test with The Hoffman Centre for Integrative Medicine, please call (403) 206-2333.

You can book and confirm same-day or next-day appointments over the phone.

To make your booking quick and convenient, we recommend booking your visit through our secure online appointment form.

2. Cancellation Policy

All appointments must be cancelled at least seven business days in advance by calling the clinic. Please do not use email to notify us of your cancellation to avoid charges for a no-show fee.

3. No-Show Policy

Patients are financially responsible for all appointments missed or cancelled with less than seven business days’ notice.

Please inform us if you need to cancel an appointment within this allocated time by phone at (403) 206- 2333 or by email at [email protected] We will do our best to accommodate your request or to reschedule your appointment.

Note: The Hoffman Centre reserves the right to reschedule patient appointments if there is an emergency situation that requires the attendance of any one of the team members.

4. Prescription Renewal Policy

If you have registered with Alberta Health Care, another provincial health care provider or receive private health care coverage, your prescription may be renewable on a temporary basis without an office visit. Alberta Pharmacists can also renew certain prescriptions. Please contact The Hoffman Centre at (403) 206-2333 or your family pharmacist for more information. We are here to assist you with any information or support you might need.

5. Payment Options and Policy

The Hoffman Centre is a private clinic, and as such, a cost to the patient is associated with all treatments, visits, assessments and services.

For your convenience, we offer the following payment options:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Certified Check
  • Cash

Receipts for all medical expenses are printed and available for each taxation year as well upon payment at The Hoffman Centre. If you have any questions regarding pricing and payments, please contact our office manager by calling (403) 206-2333.

6. Natural Product Sales and Refills (In-house and Online)

If you require a refill on a natural product sold at The Hoffman Centre or online, please contact our office, or you can place your order through our online store.

You can also purchase your chosen products at the clinic by visiting 1133 17th Avenue NW.

Our hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.

7. Daily Clinical Health Policy for Each Visit

In order to serve you best and to keep up with the high standards necessary for any healthcare provider, we kindly ask that you

  • Remove footwear. Feel free to bring slippers or dry shoes with you.
  • Many people are sensitive to perfumes in our clinic, so we would appreciate if you would refrain from wearing any fragrances during your visit.
  • All cell phones should also be turned off to avoid interruption of your treatment and to respect the solitude required for the healing of others.
  • To aid in the healing and meditative aspects of the patients and clinic, we ask that you enjoy and contribute to the peace of the premises.

8. Disability Arrangements

We do not perform disability examinations and therefore do not assign permanent or temporary disability. Permanent disability examinations must be performed by certified physicians who have additional training in workman’s compensation or disability assessment.

The workman’s comp and disability system provides their examiners when you file for disability. Our protocol aims to restore patients to full ability—and our protocol is usually successful.

9. Narcotic Prescriptions

We never prescribe narcotics for patients. We see most patients coming off of their narcotics as their pain subsides. Patients who have become habituated to narcotic medication may need to undergo formal detoxification to avoid symptoms of withdrawal. Detoxification would need to be coordinated through your narcotic-prescribing physician.

10. Disclaimer Policy

The Hoffman Centre for Integrative Medicine is not legally permitted to make any health or curative claims to patients or consumers related to treatment benefits or items purchased online or within the clinic.

We will do our best to provide all information relative to treatments and products, and we will not make specific statements as to how our services, foods and drug and non-drug based products will prevent disease.

The expert care at The Hoffman Centre for Integrative Medicine includes advice from a licensed physician in and for the Province of Alberta. We support and encourage additional consultation beyond the scope of this realm if necessary or required for your treatment. The healthcare professionals at The Hoffman Centre always recommend a full assessment to all patients before any health, nutrition or drug treatment is advised.

Before taking any medication, please ensure you have fully advised the on-site physician of any past or current health issues, illnesses, drug reactions, allergies or other issues.

Do not discontinue any other medical treatments without first consulting your doctor.


  • At the Hoffman Centre for Integrative Medicine, we believe you are entitled to knowing how we access and use your personal health information. It is our priority to keep your health information private and secure.
  • The Hoffman Centre may collect, use and share your health information to increase our ability to communicate with or consult with other healthcare providers for payment-related purposes, such as provincial, private or employee health care coverage, workers compensation and other health insurance issues.
  • From time to time, we may also use your information for research tracking (with the approval of the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons), for teaching purposes, statistical and provincial reporting requirements and for other reasons required by law. All medical information is stored in accordance with medical recording and information tracking policies. Otherwise, your information will be erased, destroyed or made anonymous.
  • As a patient of The Hoffman Centre, you are entitled to ask for copies of your health information on file. You can make corrections or fill in incomplete information.
  • You may request a list of how we share or use your information, updates if your information is shared without authorization, lost or stolen, or if you have changed your preference about allowing us to use or share your personal health information.

At The Hoffman Centre for Integrative Medicine, we understand that you may be new to the concept of whole person wellness, integrative models of healthcare and private billing facilities. We also understand that there are many options currently available for complementary health services and that making an educated choice about what is right for you can be confusing and difficult.

To help you become comfortable and knowledgeable with your investment in our process and philosophy, we would like to take some time orienting you to The Hoffman Centre program.

It is our experience that individuals who are actively involved in their healing process work toward their wellness goals with clarity and confidence. Consequently, we focus much of our initial attention on accumulating details regarding your health and lifestyle. This process of comprehensive health and patient history evaluation helps us to determine what your priority goals are and which therapies will help you to realize these goals.


As part of the qualitative intake process, we ask that you complete an extensive questionnaire. Please take the time to reflect on current and past incidents or symptomatology before completing the questionnaire. It is imperative to your health and healthcare options that we obtain detailed quantitative measures of your health.

Data are collected through the completion of specified laboratory tests. Testing is done locally and “in-house” where possible. However, many of the laboratories we collaborate with are based in the United States. These “outsourced tests” are available through our centre and are coordinated with our staff. If there are any services that you are interested in that we do not offer, we are happy to connect you to other trusted and reliable practitioners in our network.

A comprehensive therapeutic approach and complementary healthcare program will be prepared for you once your appointments and the all the testing that is necessary based on your report of symptoms and conditions are completed. Please note that the intake portion of the program takes approximately sixty to ninety days, depending on the complexity of each case.

It is also important to understand that it takes time to heal and repair once you embark on your treatment program. There are very few “quick fixes” when it comes to rebuilding immunity, stabilizing hormones, improving mitochondrial health, treating infections or improving digestive strength.

We ask that you consider a year of treatment. In our experience, it often takes 6 to 12 months to positively optimize overall biochemistry.

We also ask that, as the most active member of your wellness process, you maintain open communication with our practitioners and staff. If you experience any uncomfortable symptoms during your program due to detoxification or drug/supplementation side effects, if you have concerns or if you simply need additional guidance, please let us know immediately.


If you have heard of the controversies surrounding conventional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and the billion-dollar commercial menopausal industry, and if you are unsure what it all means, Calgary physician Dr. Bruce Hoffman can help. Dr. Hoffman is board certified in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine and is a certified fellow in the same disciplines. He specializes in advising women and men regarding bio-identical HRT. He understands this medical minefield and can explain the complexities of the debate surrounding menopausal hormone therapies. With his unique insights, Dr. Hoffman will bring you up to date and advise you concerning alternatives to HRT. Above all, he will explain that one size does not fit all with hormone therapy.

Conventional HRT uses animal and synthetic hormones. In the last few decades, HRT has been heavily marketed; millions of women have been prescribed synthetic estrogen and progesterone. In July 2002, there was a major reversal in thinking among medical professionals and women following the release of data from the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study.

We now have many studies showing that these mass-produced hormones are associated with significant adverse side effects, including cancer and heart disease.

Biologically identical hormone replacement is an emerging therapy that is gradually winning converts in the medical profession and among the public. Bio-identical hormones offer an effective and safe alternative to commercially produced hormones as well as numerous health benefits.

They alleviate the symptoms caused by a natural decrease in the production of hormones in the body during menopause and andropause. They re-establish a hormonal balance and provide protective benefits. For example, natural estrogen and progesterone protect against heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease. Natural progesterone protects against breast cancer.

If you’ve heard the “buzz” about bio-identical natural hormone therapy as an alternative to synthetic hormones but you are unsure if natural hormones are the answer for you, Dr. Hoffman can help. He will explain the real issues and assist you in understanding the risks and benefits of HRT as well as the ins and outs of natural HRT.

Dr. Hoffman will look at your options given your family history, health status and menopause experience, and he will help you choose whether natural hormone therapy is the right choice for you.